Ramsey Priestley
Ramsey Taylor Ann Priestley was born to Richard and Sylvia Priestley, a wealthy and happily married couple who each were also born into wealthy families. As such, Ramsey grew up with a privileged lifestyle in Manhattan with parents who made sure that she always had whatever her heart might desire. However, when Ramsey was thirteen, her father was stabbed in a mugging and died from the resulting injuries. This sent Ramsey's mother into a downward spiral during which she turned to alcohol and drugs. Not wanting to end up like her mother, Ramsey focused on her education and became the top of her class.

At the age of sixteen, Ramsey's mother decided to marry her drug dealer, Eric Savage. Shortly after marrying Sylvia, Eric attempted to rape Ramsey one night after her mother had passed out from the alcohol and drugs. Ramsey fought him off and accidentally killed him after she pushed him backwards, and he fell down the stairs of their apartment. Eric's death resulted in Sylvia going even deeper into the drug-induced state she was already in from the death of her first husband, eventually leading to her death by overdose on Ramsey's seventeenth birthday. Being a mature seventeen-year-old, Ramsey emancipated herself and, inheriting all of her parents' wealth, took care of herself until her high school graduation.

She attended Dartmouth University and studied retail and marketing. It was during her years at Dartmouth when she met Bennett Marsh and Hudson Wexler, who quickly became her closest friends since abandoning everyone from her life in high school ever since her graduation. One night, the trio decided to smoke marijuana that had been contaminated with Chemical X. This caused all three of the students to develop their superhuman powers.


  • Richard Priestley - father
  • Sylvia Savage - mother
  • Eric Savage - step-father



Charisma: Ramsey is highly charismatic, making it difficult for people to dislike her. Most of the time, she doesn't even try to influence people, but her natural charisma tends to persuade others of whatever she is saying or believing. This makes her excellent in business, since she can easily convince others to follow her lead.

Ivy League Education: Ramsey has been educated at Dartmouth, an Ivy League University. During her four years at the university, she studied retail and marketing. After graduating with her degrees, Ramsey began working for a well-known marketing company based in New York City.

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